Get Involved with your RTC

How to become involved in RTC

If you can spare some time, however little,  please contact

Volunteers can help in so many ways, from distributing some leaflets to helping run an event.

As a registered charity we are always grateful for help to ensure the Centre continues to be available for local people to use.

We would love to hear from you.

RTC Sports is the registered charity which is responsible for the operation of the RTC Sports and Leisure Centre in Otterburn.

It is a company limited by guarantee and governed by a group of volunteer trustees, who are also directors of the limited company.

Collectively these volunteer trustees are responsible for operating the RTC – that means everything from ensuring the building is safe and well maintained, to finding instructors to run exercise classes, and from raising money to maintaining the car parking area. The RTC Sports Centre is a community resource, and the trustees must try to make sure that the needs and wishes of the community are considered and met, whilst also keeping a close eye on cost. Effectively, the trustees are running a small business on behalf of the local community.

There are also a number of non-trustee volunteers who assist with tasks (for example youth group, mowing the sports pitches, assisting at events).